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TOD LORDS IS THE EPITOME OF PROFESSIONAL. His attention to detail means that nothing is left to chance. His years of experience allowed him to see things that we had missed, which ensured that we are satisfied even months after that job is completed and we have had time to grow accustomed to our news surroundings.

Tod listened very carefully to our vision for the remodel. Tod's experience allowed him to validate what we wanted, recommend a viable alternative, or simply let us know that it was cost prohibitive/impossible to do in a remodel.

Tod gave us a timeline of how the project would progress. On the few occasions when there was a deviation, he let us know as soon as he knew. Because of his ability to work with the subcontractors, Tod was able to work it so that the other subs were still able to complete their tasks without causing a delay in the overall project timeline. We finished our eight week on the exact day that Tod told us we would. We eagerly await the next opportunity to work with Tod.

- Dr. Susan Leclair and Daniel Mendoza

DURING THE WHOLE CONSTRUCTION PROCESS, Tod was always able to answer our questions and concerns, while making good suggestions for some unexpected technical issues that arose. His experience, extensive construction knowledge and most importantly, his integrity, gives us the confidence to recommend Lords Construction unequivocally to anyone seeking construction services.

- Martin & Janet Ashworth

TOD WENT OUT OF HIS WAY TO BE ACCESSIBLE TO US, to answer questions, and helped us balance what we wanted against what we could afford. Tod helped us take what could have been a sort of stressful experience and make it a genuine pleasure.

- Jim Kreiss

WE ARE JUST THRILLED with our recent basement remodel, as we are with the front entry that Tod did for us 5 years ago. We are grateful that he cares about every detail which is why we wanted him to design our master suite, new hall bath, butler's pantry at home, and to renovate our commercial business offices. We appreciate Tod's talent and all the thought and effort he puts into each of our projects. We can't be more pleased with the results.

- Mike and Barbara Hildebrandt

WE ARE EXTREMELY PLEASED with Tod Lords as our general contractor for our extensive home remodel. Our home turned out beautifully. The project was completed on time and within the projected budget. Tod has a real gift for working with people and he had many great ideas to improve our construction plans. We appreciate many aspects of Lords Construction, but most importantly we have faith in Tod's integrity. As a testament to Tod and his work, we have referred several close friends and family, who have also had similar outstanding experiences. We cannot say strongly enough how happy we are with Tod Lords and Lords Construction. He is the best! "

- Dr. Elisa and Eric Bosworth

WE HAD AN EXCELLENT RAPPORT WITH TOD FROM THE START, and he helped also in modifying or revising the original plans, where there were some mistakes that eluded us. His integrity is beyond reproach and the quality of his work is outstanding. He managed the whole project admirably and he followed through, even after its completion. He has helped us since in dealing with other building problems and came up with the most practical and economical solutions.

He has a very pleasant personality and manner, and we found him totally reliable. He became a real friend. We would recommend him wholeheartedly and without any reservations.

- Dr. Edward and Ann Berkeley

LIKE SO MANY PEOPLE, OUR LIVES ARE INCREDIBLY BUSY. We really wanted to remodel our home, but avoided the whole idea because we thought it would be very stressful. When we received a referral from close friends and heard that they enjoyed working with Lords Construction and highly recommended Tod, we got very excited about the idea of making a few changes in our home.

We had an opportunity to see some of Tod's work and speak with his various previous clients. We were thrilled to hear about how happy they were with the whole experience and to see the quality of his work.

We are now as enthusiastic as all of Tod's other clients and consider ourselves fortunate for having had the opportunity to work with him! He is extraordinary. We've had a wonderful experience and have a house that has been transformed into a home — a place that we will truly enjoy sharing with our family and friends.

Tod is incredibly trustworthy. We felt comfortable leaving our home in his hands. During the project, we went on a trip out of the country. We were confident in his ability to finish on time and on budget. He is both practical in problem solving and creative with design challenges. He has a good eye for enhancing the best features of a home. His attention to detail is incredible, which really impressed me. He is extremely hands-on in supervising all of his craftsmen. Most importantly, Tod thoroughly commits to making sure that you are satisfied with every aspect of the job.

If we would've known it could be this enjoyable and rewarding to completely remodel our home, we would've done it years ago. It was a pleasure to work with Tod. We look forward to working with him again.

- Craig and Julianna Sowash

THERE IS NONE BETTER! With our 13-year-old custom built home's challenging design, we feel exceptionally bless to have the benefit of Tod's excellent contractor skills... a great guy and a great contractor. We so appreciated the timely updates and outstanding follow-through during the many projects over the last seven years. Tod has been both creative and cost-conscious when addressing our home's needs or fixing its problems. Tod has high standards, integrity and achieves top-notch results. We have always been completely satisfied.

Tod's commitment to [his] clients is unparalleled. We will always remember the late night ice storm when he came to our rescue. That kind of service from a contractor puts Tod in a class by himself! It is our pleasure to give an unqualified recommendation.

- Nicky Laman and Thomas McDermott

My kitchen remodel with Tod Lords exceeded my expectations. My old space presented many challenges. Plus, we needed to work within a limited budget. Tod spent many hours with me trying out various ideas. I was ready to give up but Tod kept with it until we came up with a workable plan. He is, by far, the best contractor I have worked with. His patience, creativity, collaborative style, rigor, and honesty all combined so that the remodel went smoothly, on time, and according  to bid.

Tod gave me a detailed plan stating the schedule - who and when work people would be at my house - and date of completion. And it actually happened that way!! I give the highest recommendation to Tod and would be glad to sing his praises to anyone who wants to listen."

- Miriam Resnick

We would like to provide a reference and recommendation for Tod Lords of Lords Construction. Tod handled our kitchen and bathroom remodel project which included a complete redesign and remodel from the ground up. We selected Tod after meeting with five contractors over the course of a year and soliciting bids from the two finalists.

Tod did an outstanding job with our project from start to finish. Tod's attention to detail, timeliness, pro-active communication skills and problem solving abilities were very much appreciated each and every day of our ten-week job. Tod's knowledge of his business was evident in our first meeting with the cabinet sub-contractor and continued across all aspects of the project. We were not only thrilled with the result, but the process as well. Our friends and neighbors had a hard time believing it when we consistently told them that we were 'on time' and 'on budget'.

We would recommend Tod without reservation for any new construction or remodel job.

- Bruce and Lisa Magnuson

Tod's professionalism and the outcome I could not have asked for a better home remodeling experience! Tod's expertise, knowledge, and extreme care to details made my house a beautiful home. Before deciding to go through with this remodel, I met with Tod numerous times to go over details of the house, he offered great suggestions, and kept within a budget that was affordable to me. During construction Tod came to the site constantly checking all the work that was being done. I knew at anytime if I had any questions, that Tod would be available to answer them.

The construction crew was on time, courteous, and very thorough. At the end of the day, the site was cleaned up and ready for the next day. The remodel was completed two days before the estimated completion date ... even though there was no work due to a weeklong winter storm. Tod is someone who is extremely trustworthy; he has great knowledge and understanding of construction; and takes great pride in his work. It has been my privilege to refer Tod to other friends with complete confidence.

-Amy Lamberger

Tod Lords is clearly the best in his trade.  Our second floor addition and downstairs family room remodel went incredibly smooth due to Tod’s attention to detail and commitment to get things done right.  With ¾ of the house being touched in some way, Tod was able to manage his crews to that we, a family of 5, never had to move out.  He was on sight every day of the project and kept everything on the timeline that he presented at the start.

I have several other friends that have done large remodels, and they were shocked at the cleanliness, speed and detail that Tod put into his work.  He is very detail oriented and his subs know it.  He is quick to correct mistakes and he always makes things right.

Early on in the project I asked one of his subs if Tod was hard to work for.  I will not forget his response.  “Tod is a stickler to details.  Sometimes I think we could do things a little faster by doing them other ways, but frankly if it was my house being worked on, I wouldn’t want any other guy in charge!”

Tod is a very patient guy, who listened very will to what we wanted.  He put together a timeline and a bid for the project, both of which were spot on!  We could not be happier with the results and I can not give a higher recommendation to a true professional.

-George and Sara Heilig

Tod Lords has completed several projects for my wife and me at our home. The last of the projects Tod completed for us was a major remodel and expansion of our home. We are completely satisfied with all our projects and would not hesitate to recommend Tod to anyone looking for the following in a General Contractor:

Passionate about Quality
Involved in every level of Detail
Committed to Finishing the Project on Time and on Budget

Tod has the "people skills" to work with any level of project partner the job may require from architect to design planner to engineer. We found Tod to be extremely helpful in acting as our advocate and guide working through the sometimes complex world of all those other disciplines.

Simply put, we completely trust Tod to understand our vision and to oversee every aspect of completing our project. We value his opinion and have followed his suggestions in those instances when our wishes have gone in a different direction from the original plans.

In business a solid test of buyer satisfaction is repeat business and referral, both of which we have done and will continue to do with Tod Lords.

-Phil Lane

We appreciated all of Tod's hard work, competence, dedication and effort before and during our project. Tod did a fabulous job running the project and everyone involved. Tod was very responsive whenever there was a problem, most of which were minor. Tod always called us back whenever we left a voice message. That, in and of itself, is a major thing these days! There were so many details, measurements, product knowledge and construction issues that it overwhelms me just to think back. I must say, Tod has restored my ability to speak highly about contractors. For a project of this size to go as well as it did speaks about how successful Tod is in his profession.

-Janet and Glen Ferguson

Tod Lords is truly the best kept secret in the Portland construction business.  I have thought about what made the experience such a success, and I have come up with several key aspects that make Tod different from other contractors I’ve come in contact with or heard about.

  • Tod has an amazing ability to communicate with the customer about what the process will be like and at each step along the way.
  • Tod acts as an interpreter and advocate for the customer with everyone else – vendors, subcontractors, every individual who steps foot in your house.
  • Tod treats each job as though it was his own house.  He really cares about what is happening and how the family feels and is doing throughout the process.  Tod always asked about how we were treated and how things were going.
  • Tod is conscious of going overboard and making sure that the choices are in line with our lifestyle and budget.  Not only that, but Tod was involved and helpful with all of the choices we made.
  • Tod is upfront, honest, accurate, and transparent – about everything – costs, timelines, process, and pitfalls.
  • Tod cares that the outcome is what we want.  He is onsite daily and constantly checking in with subcontractors and us about how everything is going.

When I read the testimonials and talked to the references, I thought – this is too good to be true- no one could live up to these reviews.  But every bit of the glowing compliments everyone gave is completely accurate!           

-Kristin, Mike, Abbie & Emily Payne


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